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Email ROI Calculator

Email marketing is a great way to engage the target audience and drive transactions.


Consumers continue to engage with brands through relevant email marketing year after year. Using emails is an affordable digital marketing tactic. This makes it an attractive option for startups and brands to grow and engage their target audiences. The email ROI calculator helps marketers in understanding the email funnel and in forecasting the ROI from email campaigns. 


Plan your email marketing spend by estimating the CAC and ROI.


Start with the audience size. Key in the cost per emailer.

Estimate how many conversions you can achieve with the email campaign to then calculate the ROI.

Based on the audience that can be targeted using emails, determine the budgets needs to drive expected conversion. Align the budgets with company goals and targets. Emailers are a powerful tool. However, if the funnel is not managed well the costs escalate and the ROI is unsustainable. Use the calculator to determine what should be good conversion rates for an attractive email campaign ROI.

Increase your email campaign ROI by improving your campaign strategies and improving the funnel. 


Check out the playbooks to see how the growth process and funnels can be improved.

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